Past Clients

Below is a complete list of past clients. In some cases, the current sites have been updated since I worked on them, so what you see on the site today might be different than the site I worked on.

  • 1 to 1 Box
    211 Lake Creek Road
    Absolute Flooring
    Afterwards Design
    AH Cullyvore
    Anchor Funding
    Ara Croce
    Arbora Natural Medicine
    ARK Grill
    Art of Santa Cruz
    Bamboo Hair and Spa
    Bay World Travel
    BCOZ Solutions
    Bedrock Capital Management
    Big Guy's Custom BBQ
    Big Ideas Fest
    BK Kee Foundation
    BK Patents
    Black Stars Hockey
    Blue Heron Inn
    Bodas Construction
    Buddhas By Rebecca
    Cable Car Clothiers
    Cafe Gibraltar
    Cartwright Studio
    Century 21 Half Moon Bay
    Chef Megan Mitchell
    Chez Shea
    CHL Berkeley
    Chromium Branding
    City of Half Moon Bay
    CL Investments
    Clark's Auctions
    Classic Car Customs
    CMS Mission
    Coastside Boys & Girls Club
    Coastside Construction
    Coastside CYP
    Coastside Fire
    Coastside Gives
    Coastside Library
    Coastside Mercado
    Coastside Photography
    Corman Law
    Cougar Hoops
    Cow Palace
    Cowboy Fishing
    Crow's Nest HMB
    Custom College Visits
    De Anza Water
    Design SF

    Dragon Well
    Dubel Global
    Earth Wellness Dancer
    Efficiency Council
    ElderCare Oregon
    EnvisionIT Engineering
    Ethos Venture
    Expedite Precision
    Explore Insights
    Floors By Nolan
    Fluent Wealth
    Fluid Gauge Company
    Fly On the Wall
    Generation Rescue
    Gerald Huth Art
    Gibraltar Capital
    Grand National Rodeo
    Haynes, Beffel & Wofeld
    Headlines the Salon
    Highland Capital
    HMB Brewing Company
    HMB Cougar Boosters
    HMB High School Foundation
    HMB High School PAC
    Housing Leadership Council
    Hummingbird Neuro
    Ice Oasis Skating
    Jacquerot Insurance
    Jamison Square
    JB Handley
    Jeremy Wilkinson
    Jersey Joe's Coastside
    Joe Marty's
    Jim Chappell
    John Kenneth Farrell
    Jolt Charger
    Josh Withers
    Jr. Wildcats FC
    Kameleon Installation
    Kathleen Dean Moore
    Katie Danza
    KHMB Radio
    Klaws, Paws & Hooves

    La Piazza
    Land Use Economics
    Leah Tysse
    Little Engines
    Linda Henderson
    Liz Murphey
    LM Henderson Books
    Lorrie Sullenberger
    Low Country Small Business
    Lynn Baumann Learns
    Main Street Scholars
    Markegard Family Farms
    Marty and Leann
    Massage By Darla
    Mavericks Beer
    Mavericks Event Center
    Mavericks Experience
    Mavericks Lodge
    Max Health LA
    MD Ranger
    Mezza Luna
    Micci Micci
    Michael Vincent Music
    Miles O'Brien Riley
    Mindful Money Matters
    Moosse Cafe
    Morty's Restaurant
    Ms. Muehlhauser
    Neighborhood Radio
    New Captain Pete
    Nicor Gas Rebates
    Nite & Day Power
    NP Photonics
    Oasis For Animals
    Oceans Three
    OGR Construction
    Pacific Sky Studios
    Pacific Standard Tap Room
    Palo Alto Hair
    Parsons Advisors
    Pastorino Hay
    Peak Enterprises
    Peninsula Hand Therapy
    Perfect Image Orchids
    Perry Burr & Associates
    Pescadero Radio
    Pete Smiley, Superior Court
    Petsas Law
    Phyllis Kritek
    Psychedelic Science 2017
    Purple Heart Anglers

    R&D Logic
    Red Rock Volleyball
    Regional Artisans Association
    Reliability Express
    Ricochet Cellars
    River Walking
    Riverdale Lacrosse
    Rock the Block HMB
    RPI Publishing
    Safety Reliability
    San Mateo 4Cs
    Santa Cruz Artists
    Save HMB
    Savvy Skirts
    SC Builders
    Scotts Valley Artisans
    SF HAC
    SF Therapy
    SF Usual Suspects
    Shannon Rowbury
    Sharon Art Studio
    Shaw Cabinetry
    Skov Winery
    SLO 2035
    SoCal Watersmart
    South City Blues Band
    Streets Alive San Mateo Co.
    Susan Carkeek
    Teall Design
    Tech Solutions Pro
    The Graphic Works
    The Heirloom Seed Store
    The Main Area
    The Mitton Group
    This Family Line
    Tickle My Chicken
    Trojak-Knier Winery
    True Spoken English
    Urban Realty
    US Airline Pilots Association
    Victory Academy
    Villa Paita
    Vote Allan Alifano
    Waldorf Peninsula Schools
    Walmart Ukiah
    Wasabi Tapas
    Watch Care
    WAVs IP
    Weather Works
    Wegman's Nursery
    Weston Road Association
    Wood Sorrel Product
    Worldwise Adventures

  • 14 Studies
    1481 Post Street
    1st Voice
    7000 Snakes
    Aaron Deemer
    Abundance Skin Care
    Accela Connect
    Afterwards Design
    Alle Buchstaben
    Allison Levi
    Almond Board of California
    Alvarez Physics Memos
    AMA Foundation
    American Interior Plant Service
    Anderson DDB
    Annie Teall
    Aseptic Training Institute
    Ask Al
    Autism Yesterday
    Avila Design
    Axis Construction
    Baby Bonkie
    Bahena Services
    Bamboo Flute Feng Shui
    Barbary Coast Consulting
    Basically Blankets
    Bay Area Therapy
    Bay World Travel
    Bayview Funding
    Belle Isle Insight
    Best Writ
    Bettys 70th
    Bold Type
    Brian Dittmar Design
    Bright Orange
    Brigid O'Farrell
    Bruno Films
    Bruno's BBQ
    CA Book Fair
    Carrie Leeb Studio
    Casting By Julia
    Catalyst Marketing
    Catholic Diocese Cemeteries
    Centerville Farms
    Chateau La Joye
    Chelsea Art Gallery
    Chez Shea
    Chris Cobb Band
    Clear Chiropractic
    CLK Design
    Coastal Designs
    Coastal Organics
    Coastal Rep Theater
    Coastside Brewfest
    Coastside Hosting
    Coastside Jewish Community
    Coastside Pets
    Coconut Modem
    Core Speakers
    Core Studio
    Cornerstone Printing
    Corrine Bucher
    Cow Hollow Giggles
    CPA Protect Plus
    Crisp Info
    Custom Water Solutions
    Dan Hubp
    Danny and Valerie
    Dancing Soulsmith
    Dark Horse Media
    Database Customization
    DBM Enterprises
    De Anza Water
    Deliver Or Die
    Design By Paami
    Designs By Doniga
    Dijeau Poage
    Discover City Place
    Docs Herbs
    Dr. Julie Holland

    Eat Your Veggies Farm
    Echo Canyon Ranch
    Eco Domes
    Electronic Software Association
    Elizabeth's Yarn Shop
    Eliminator Ball
    Emmas Comics
    Entertainment Software Association
    EnvisionIT Engineering
    Enzo Carino
    ESA Nite to Unite
    Ethos Communication
    Exclusive Fresh
    Fast Forward
    Fluent Wealth Partners
    Fog City Diner
    Fog Design + Art
    Forerunner Ventures
    Friends of Tiana
    From There To Here
    Gail Holland
    Gary Seiler
    Get George
    Glendale High 65
    Global Event Forum
    Godbe Review
    Gourmet Appliance
    Greaseland Music
    Hadoop Summit
    Hairtime Streaks
    Half Moon Bay Baseball
    Half Moon Bay Wine and Cheese
    Hamilton Telecom
    Happy Congratulations
    Healthy Hands
    Helena Quinn
    HMB RV Park & Campground
    Hood & Strong
    In Color Insight
    Indigo School
    Inka Bio
    Inn at Morro Bay
    Inspiring Events
    Isis Salon
    ISV Prime
    It's Italia
    Italian Soccer Tours
    Jacquie and Hugh
    JB Handley
    Jersey Joe's
    Jimmy Dot Com
    John Gibbons Presents
    John Teall
    Jonny Domino
    Jungle Traders
    Karma Quest
    Kendall Farms
    Klaws Paws and Hooves
    Kristi Will Design

    Landmark Education
    Les Deman Energy
    Light God
    Lighthouse Solar
    Lindy Donnelly
    Lisa Mandelbaum
    Little Engines
    Long Branch Farms
    Love To Build It
    LSG Strategies
    Luz Luna Imports
    Lynn Baumann
    Marathon Solutions
    Mark Takata
    Maureens Friends
    Mavericks Coastside Foundation
    MC Consulting
    MDHS 71
    Micci Micci
    Michael Ackerman
    Michael Ash
    Michael Kerrigan
    Michael Vincent Music
    Mid-Peninsula Healthcare
    Midas Investors
    Mindshift Consulting
    Mobius Photonics
    Moon News Bookstore
    Morning Fog
    Motordrome the Movie
    Mr. Segel
    Myofascial Therapy Center
    NACCB Norcal
    Naomi Epel
    Natalie D'Onforio
    National Rice Company
    New Disasters
    New Leaf Printing
    Nitrogen HH
    Northern Sierra Partnership
    NWFL Online
    Object Planet
    Oceano Hotel
    OGHS 81
    OGR Construction
    Omni Concerts
    Outdoor Ambience
    Pacific Capital
    Pacifica Records
    Palo Alto Public Art
    Parcourse Software
    Parrot Key
    Paul Offit
    Pay Rose, MFT
    Peery and Associates
    Peninsula Hand Therapy
    Pentaho World
    Piel Soaps
    Pilates In Montara
    Pollywog Vineyards
    Pooches On Parade
    Popular Giving
    PR Compost
    Pre-Owned CCTVs
    Prevalent Design
    Priya Reports
    Puppy Love Biscuits
    Pure Skin HMB
    Put Children First
    Quadrus Conference Center

    Read 2 Me Online
    Ready Solar
    Reece Computers
    Resource Solutions Group
    Right Smile
    Robin Pressman
    Rogue Web Works
    Ron Anderson Studios
    RSO Consulting
    Safety Reliability
    San Antonio Center
    San Benito House
    San Diego Parrotheads
    San Mateo Divorce
    Santa Cruz Diner
    Say What
    Scotts Valley Holiday Boutique
    Scotts Valley Landscaping
    Scrappy Stamper
    Sea Crest School
    Seaside Kids Preschool
    Send Me a Box
    SF Therapy
    SF Usual Suspects
    Shaw Cabinetry
    Shegeek Design
    Silkwood Glass
    Solar Brothers
    Soto Creative
    Snowcrest Cabin
    Spire Manufacturing
    Sprocket Kids
    Steiners Jewelery
    Studio 2325
    Studio Vara
    Sunrise Painting
    Swander Pace Capital
    Talent Fund
    Tasty Nuggets
    The Brunos Band
    The Cade Man
    The Congaline
    The ISV Team
    The Marketing Dept
    The Observation Deck
    The Rochlin Group
    The Sun Center
    Tim and Lori
    Tina Tessina
    Todd Banks
    Tradewind Enterprises
    Transaction Coordination Basics
    Two Big Cats
    Upscale Construction
    Urban Realty
    Used Low Vision CCTVs
    Vacation In Hanalei
    Veco Custom Optics
    Vin Debut
    Walmart Ukiah
    Wasik and Teall
    Web On Wheels
    Wheels of the Future
    White Tiger Awards
    White Mountain Photography
    Wind Chaser Wine Co.
    Wine Camp Italy
    Write On Man
    Your Italian Concierge

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