What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is a platform for building mobile-friendly ("mobile-first") websites and includes HTML, CSS, and jQuery libraries. It delivers websites built with responsive design which means the elements on the page can re-arrange and/or resize based on the width of the screen.

For example, on a wide desktop screen a visitor might see a sidebar in the left or right column. Then, on a mobile device that sidebar might either disappear or move to the bottom of the screen, below the content. Responsive design provides for a much improved experience for all visitors - especially for those on mobile devices.

Recently, Google began ranking websites higher in search results if the site is mobile-friendly. This, along with the improved visitor experience, are strong indications that all websites should be mobile-friendly.

While Bootstrap does not include a back-end administrative feature like CMS sites, most current CMS sites use templates or themes that are based in Bootstrap.

Click here to learn more about Bootstrap, or check out some recent responsive design projects here.

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